Wieden + Kennedy: The Future of Creative Business at the PSFK 2011 Conference

Dan Hon and Nick Barham talk about the challenges facing creative businesses, and explain some of the things that Wieden and Kennedy is doing to stay ahead. Veering between–but not limited to–topics like: where are the winners, what are we making, experiments not models, and the value and pleasure of embracing stupidity.

via PSFK: http://www.psfk.com/video#ixzz1dXtLnVVj


What’s next in the future … panel at PSFK

At the PSFK conference in new York a couple of months back.  A panel of some very smart people discuss their insights and views on technology and consumers.


Ayesha Khanna of the Hybrid Reality Institute

Greg Lindsay, journalist from Fast Company

Allison Mooney from Google

Katherine Moriwaki of Parsons

discussed our current relationship with technology and what’s coming next.

Click this link to view.