‘Blind Side’ vs. ‘Up in the Air’: and the Media Oscar Goes to ..

This Sunday, the film industry’s good and great will adorn the red carpet with their Gucci gowns and Cartier jewelry for Hollywood’s biggest night, as the 82nd Annual Academy Awards celebrate the best in the business. But who would win our Oscar for “Best Use of Media to Promote a Film”? We nominated “The Blind Side” from Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. and Paramount’s “Up in the Air.”



Iron Man vs. The Dark Knight – Which Superhero Movie Packed the Biggest Media Punch?

Summer blockbusters “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight” both showed superhero-like powers when it came to pulling in box-office receipts. “The Dark Knight” delivered a thumping $158.4 million last weekend — an industry record. “Iron Man’s” $98.6 million initial weekend take surpassed all expectations. Talented directors, great lead talent and sensational reviews from critics were naturally a major part of both films’ successes. But the marketing and media behind these two Hollywood franchises was a critical ingredient to maximizing both films’ potential.