Why Millennials Matter to Every Brand

Alex Abraham at Edelman Chicago gives some good texture to millennials and how brands need to think about engaging them.

In 2011, the youngest of the Millennial generation turn 16 years old. The oldest, they’re now 31. The average age of the world population is 28. By 2015, almost half (47%) of the world population will be under the age of 25. While many still view Millennials as punky kids playing on their tablets between high school classes, the reality is that two-thirds of Millennials are now over the age of 21, and many have established careers, families and an incredible amount of influence.

While every generation has distinct differences, Millennials have lived with one factor that no other generation can claim – they were raised digital. This fact alone makes Millennials unlike anything the world has seen, and their use of technology has given them great power. Their digital prowess also makes them more likely to start trends, be engaged with pop culture, try new products and share them with friends and family.

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