What Makes a Great Brand

great brands


I wrote this about five years ago … it seems to still make sense today.

What is a great brand? A great brand is a badge that customers, employees, and shareholders want to wear. It should steer and shape a culture and aspiration of how a product or company should behave. Brands are what people buy into, not just buy. They spark the emotional and the irrational, and that’s what helps to create a premium in perception and often in price. Finally, a great brand helps a company withstand bad news, awkward service, and lapses of judgment.


The Top Ten Digital Ad Campaigns of the Decade

… according to Fast Company.

More like the top ten best publicized digital campaigns, but hey that’s part of why they’re successful.

I cover four of these campaigns in “Brand Media Strategy”.


Burger King’s Subservient Chicken, BMW Films “The Hire”, Dove Evolution, Nike+, LiveStrong’s Chalk Bot, Uniqlo’s Uniqlock, Ikea’s Dream Kitchen, Fiat Eco:Drive, HBO Voyeur, Burger KingWhopper Sacrifice