12 Crucial Consumer Trends Courtesy of Trendwatching.com

TrendWatching.com give some texture to twelve global consumer trends…

1. Red Carpet

Companies are rolling out the red carpet to target the all important global Chinese consumers.

Chinese residents made over 30million overseas trips in the first half of 2011 alone, up 20% since 2010.  For comparison, US citizens made only 37 million out bound air travel trips during the whole of 2010.


2.  DIY Health

Novel apps and devices will increasingly let consumers discreetly track and manage their health by themselves.


3. Dealer-Chic

Consumer attitudes to discounts and deals are what’s really changing.


4. Eco-Cycology

The phenomenon of brands helping consumers recycle by taking back all old items from customers, and then actually doing something constructive with them.


5. Cash-less

This is going to be the year that major players like Google and MasterCard will actively roll out their cashless initiatives around the world.


6. Bottom of the Urban Pyramid

Driven by extreme urbanization on a global scale that will not slowdown in 2012, expect more BOTTOM OF THE URBAN PYRAMID (BOUP) consumers than ever (the hundreds of millions of CITYSUMERS who don’t have middle class salaries to spend) to demand innovation tailored to their unique circumstances, from health issues to lack of space to the need for durability.


7. Idle Sourcing

In 2012, count on the crowdsourcing trend to continue to shake up business processes and spawn endless innovations.


8. Flawsome

In 2012 consumers won’t expect brands to be flawless; they will even embrace brands that are FLAW-SOME*, and at large (or atleast somewhat) human. Brands that are honest about their flaws, that show some empathy, generosity, humility, flexibility, maturity, humor and dare we say it, some character and humanity.


9. Screen Culture

2012 will see three mega-tech current converge:

Screens will be even more:

– ubiquitous/mobile/cheap/always on;

– interactive and intuitive via touch screens and tablets

– and soon an interface to everything and anything that lies beyond the screen via the mobile web and, increasingly and finally mainstream in 2012 ‘thecloud’


10. Recommerce

In 2012, almost anything is ripe for resale, from electronics to clothes, and even experiences.

Novel brand buybacks, exchange schemes, online platforms and mobile marketplaces offer smart and convenient options for consumers keen to ‘trade into trade up’, alleviate financial strains, and/or quell environmental and ethical concerns.


11. Emerging Maturialism

In 2012, experienced, open-minded consumers in traditionally ‘conservative’ emerging markets will embrace campaigns and products that are frank if not risqué.


12. Point and Show

The rise of the (always-in-my-pocket) smartphone that will fuel full-blown POINT&KNOW in the next 12 months.


Check out the full presentation.


Why Dealer-Chic is set to explode as a trend.

DEALER-CHIC … Why for consumers deals are becoming a way of life, if not a source of pride.















So, here are just three reasons according to TrendSpotting.com why DEALER-CHIC is set to get bigger and bigger in the coming years:

  1. MORE FOR LESS: While many people in developed economies may have less money to spend right now, consumers everywhere will forever look to experience more.
  2. THE MEDIUM IS THE MOTIVATION: Consumers are now being alerted to, using, reusing and sharing offers and deals via new (and therefore infinitely more exciting and attractive)technologies.
  3. BEST OF THE BEST: With instant mobile or online access to not only deals but reviews as well, consumers can now be confident they’re getting the best price for the best product or service.
Read the full article on TrendSpotting.com, it’s a good description of how consumers are becoming more deal orientated and how brands are dealing with it.