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Appeared in mediabizbloggers on August 22nd, 2012.  Click here.

1. As CEO of Mindshare of North America he has a unique insight and perspective of the challenges created by all the media choices today; and what a brand needs to do to capture a time pressured and elusive consumer.

2. Brand Media Strategy explains how the rules of engagement have changed and Digital expertise has moved to the center of planning. The importance of micro-targeting and the need to focus on earned media as well as paid.

3. One can learn how to develop a strategic and holistic plan that drives brand marketing across platforms.

4. Convert interest into to intent to purchase by leveraging the database of intentions. Google now offers advertising as information and treats websites as television channels.

5. That people don’t want more products, they want more experiences. For advertising to reach consumers and not be filtered out, it must be in a relevant place where the consumer will be more likely to engage with the message..

6. How the digital era has bypassed demographics and online search is now the most important medium in advertising.

7. Cut out advertising waste.

8. Create a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities. Develop differentiation that delivers a competitive advantage.

9. Acquire expertise in consumer insight.

10. Focus on outcomes, not outputs by setting the right communications goals.

11. Translate business goals into communication goals.

12. Convert intent into action at the point of sale.

13. Use insight over analysis. “Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is understanding, understanding is not wisdom.” Cliff Stoll and Gary Schubert

14. Focus on people rather than consumers.

15. The media experiences influence branding and which drive behavior. Types of context that make the messaging more relevant to consumers.

16. How to motivate people to be brand evangelists or share virally with other consumers.

17. Spark consumer brand conversations through media. Manage negative word of mouth online and talk to the talkers.

18. Make integration real and have it work effectively.

19. Unlock moments of receptivity by changing the traditional approach and using more relevant locations.

20. How to select the right media for the right job and execute it properly to achieve success.

Steve’s most recent book You Can’t Fall Off The Floor – The Insiders’ Guide to Re-Inventing Yourself and Your Careerchronicles his 50 year career working for over 25 different companies with 189 lessons learned and insider tips from Gayle King, Cathie Black, Chuck Townsend and 28 others; Blacker is still going strong today as a partner in Frankfurt & Blacker Solutions, LLC. His web site is blacker-reinventions.com and e-mail address is blackersolutions@aol.com

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About Brand Media Strategy
This site is a resource for communications planners, brand marketers and media professionals. Brand Media Strategy [published by Advertising Age, Palgrave MacMillan] explains how brands today are employing advertising and media communication strategies to grow and build their brands. It explores the value of advertising in mass media; activation of digital media programs; and employing non-paid or non-traditional media vehicles. It's author is Antony Young, President of Water Cooler Group. A brand media communications company. http://www.watercoolergroup.biz

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