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Brand Media Strategy by Antony Young

Brand Media Strategy: Integrated Communications Planning in the Digital Era (Advertising Age)
by Antony Young


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Nov 17, 11
4 of 5 stars

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Read in November, 2011
Brand Media Strategy is a great overview of the challenges facing brands and the media that support them: navigating the exploding variety of places they could touch customers, knowing when they should use which one to reach out and clarifying what they should say once they’re there.Young is a former agency exec and shares a great deal of nuts-and-bolts knowledge about how to actually do the job of planning out a media strategy. He preps the reader with the “why” but also does the heavy lifting of showing “how”. The book is liberally peppered with flowcharts, diagrams and case studies to illustrate his points.I would recommend this book highly to marketers, advertising sales reps and agency types who are looking to help clarify their thinking on how and why they select (or sell) media for their brands.

About Brand Media Strategy
This site is a resource for communications planners, brand marketers and media professionals. Brand Media Strategy [published by Advertising Age, Palgrave MacMillan] explains how brands today are employing advertising and media communication strategies to grow and build their brands. It explores the value of advertising in mass media; activation of digital media programs; and employing non-paid or non-traditional media vehicles. It's author is Antony Young, President of Water Cooler Group. A brand media communications company. http://www.watercoolergroup.biz

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