Five Social Trends To Get Excited About Today

Great piece in Social Media Insider by David Berkowitz that gives a sample of the more current social media channels that are getting some traction.

The trends include:

1) Group Buying

e.g. the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial.

2) Social Shopping

Consumers making a purchase and solicit instant feedback via social platforms on mobile devices and online.   e.g.  Go Try It On

3) Crowdsourcing

Latest phenom includes  Quirky where participants can contribute to various stages of product development and get rewarded accordingly.

4) Social Optimization

Why does it matter? New technologies optimize marketers’ paid and earned media campaigns so they can be more strategic with the approach and content.

Who it impacts: Here’s a trend that will affect anyone doing any kind of social marketing.

Interesting new players include SocialFlow which times posts to when your audience should be most responsive and Taykey which aims to find more people who are especially likely to become fans or followers.

5) Check-ins

Foursquare had 380 million check-ins in 2010. Estimates for Facebook Places are in the tens of millions of users.

I’m still looking for a scalable brand marketer model.

Check out the full article.


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