Chevy Malibu vs. Honda Accord

Antony Young Road-Tests Media Strategies to See Which Got the Most Mileage Out of Their Campaigns …

The effects of declining consumer credit, rising gas prices and a negative outlook for the economy have all taken their toll on car manufacturers’ sales and earnings. However, one sector to emerge relatively unscathed is the midsize car segment. Two success stories in this sector were the 2008 model launches of the Chevy Malibu and Honda Accord.


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This site is a resource for communications planners, brand marketers and media professionals. Brand Media Strategy [published by Advertising Age, Palgrave MacMillan] explains how brands today are employing advertising and media communication strategies to grow and build their brands. It explores the value of advertising in mass media; activation of digital media programs; and employing non-paid or non-traditional media vehicles. It's author is Antony Young, President of Water Cooler Group. A brand media communications company.

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